Helping you pack your shopping, the right way

Save up to 40% of the time spent at the checkout

Colour coded bags to organise your shopping as you go

Scan-as-you shop even faster

Great for speedy checkouts like Aldi and Lidl


Set up the Trolley Bags system in one simple action

Roll up for neat and tidy storage

Attach and separate via Velcro for easy transporting to and from the car

Hands-free, the bags stay racked open and upright


Single-use plastic bag alternative

One set of Trolley Bags replaces 4000 single-use plastic bags

1.5 M people have escaped plastic bag consumption thanks to Trolley Bags

Did you know that one plastic bag takes 10-20 years to decompose?


What Are They?

The Trolley Bags range consists of reusable bag systems, collapsible box bags and cool bags that are innovatively designed to improve and speed up the grocery shopping experience as well as reduce the use of plastic bags.

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Faster packing at the checkouts
Saved on each plastic bag
0+ mil
Plastic bags prevented from landfill

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