About Us

Trolley Bags were invented in Ireland by Paul Doyle in 2010 following many months of design and refinement and after an appearance on Dragon’s Den, Trolley Bags became the well known reusable bag system it is today. We are now based in England and Trolley Bags are now distributed in more than 20 countries around the world.

Based in the South West, we have a team of dedicated staff based in our office and warehouse facility in Devon and we pride ourselves on providing a first class operation and excellent customer service. We supply individual retailers, national chains, wholesalers and buying groups based all over the world.

We’re on a mission to end the use of single-use plastic bags and while we’re at it also make food shopping easier and more enjoyable. Our innovative design for a new kind of reusable bag system eliminates the need for any single carrier bags plus speeds up the packing process. For the last 7 years we have helped over 1.5 million people put a stop to their consumption of single-use carrier bags and replace them with one easy system.

of customers found shopping less stressful when using Trolley Bags
single-use plastic bags can be replaced with just one Trolley Bag
people have escaped plastic bag consumption thanks to Trolley Bags

About Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags are a system of reusable bags that are used to pack your items at the checkout. In one simple action the system spreads out and rests on any trolley, giving you open and upright bags into which you can use both hands to pack and sort your shopping. The individually colour coded bags allow you to pack your items, the way you want, in up to half the time. After the checkout, simply detach the bags via the Velcro and place into your car boot, when you arrive home there are only three or four bags to carry inside. Packing, sorted!

On a recent survey we found out that 80% of people found food shopping less stressful now they use Trolley Bags. Over the years our product range has expanded to include bags to fit shallow trolleys, a collapsible box bag and cool bags too.

Did you know one Trolley Bag can replace up to 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime and that one plastic bag takes 10-20 years to decompose? So, it’s time for you to join the Trolley Bags revolution!

The Batch Lady x Trolley Bags

In 2021 we joined forces with our first ever brand partner! There is no one more perfect to partner with Trolley Bags than the queen of batch cooking; The Batch Lady. Suzanne Mulholland (aka The Batch Lady) used Trolley Bags for years, and still uses them, before partnering with us. She is an avid user, knows all of the benefits and never does a food shop without the reusable shopping bag system. Suzanne says a great point about batch cooking is you only have to do one big food shop and this is where Trolley Bags comes in handy and why Suzanne chose to partner with us. Read our interview with Suzanne where we discussed why she loves Trolley Bags, her top tips for batching and future plans for The Batch Lady.

Customer Reviews

Love these bags, makes life much easier when doing a scan shop. I get lots of comments from other customers asking where they are from, the only thing that would improve the bags for myself is to be able to remove the bars when putting them into the boot of my car so I could fit more than 2 in (mini’s are not the best when doing a weekly shop)


No longer a struggle at the checkout with all those plastic bags, just load them up and away in next to no time. Brilliant. Every one should have a set, will speed up the flow and cut the time spent queuing at the checkouts.


Used my trolley bags for the first time today in aldi. Just brilliant. The cashiers are really fast and the items come flying into the trolley normally. I was able to pack the stuff really quick into each bag. It didn’t need to be neat in the bags as they accommodate the shopping when lifted up and stand up in boot. It was a quick exit from supermarket no more wasted time packing it all. 10/10

J. Simpson

Very happy with my shopping bags, all my family have them and keep extra few for spares. Simply shopping so much easier these days with the help of these bags. Also pack neatly into your boot. Highly recommend.


Excellent shopping accessory. We already had a green one which we bought at Lakeland, so had to search for a new supplier. We purchased a blue and a grey for a full set. Especially like the fact that they fold down so neatly and so take up little room in the car boot.


I should be on commission from you guys!
I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve been asked by shoppers in checkout queues where I got my bags from! So convenient, easy to use & store!
I have these in the smaller trolly size too & they are fab! The only reason I’m buying a 2nd larger set is I’ve given my sister my original set, as I went shopping with her recently & she loved them!!!