This week we caught up with Trolley Bags brand partner, Suzanne Mulholland to talk about all things The Batch Lady and Trolley Bags. If you’re not familiar with The Batch Lady, get ready to have your life changed! Mum-of-two Suzanne, from Edinburgh, is a batch cooking and meal prep expert. You’ll find her over on InstagramFacebookYouTube, and her own website where she shares recipes, batch-cooking tips, and product recommendations! As well as being an online sensation, Suzanne is also a best-selling author of three books. The Batch Lady is one to keep up with!

Meet The Batch Lady

The Batch Lady began around 4 years ago. Suzanne says “many of my mum friends at the school gates were always asking me to show them how I could cook so many meals so fast. And how I was always organised for dinner. I invited them around to my kitchen, they said it was life-changing for busy mums and I should show the world”. Just like that, The Batch Lady was born. Within a year she had secured a book deal with Harper Collins, and has since written 3 books! For a first time buyer of The Batch Lady books, Suzanne recommends; “My first Book, The batch Lady, Shop Once, Cook once, Eat well all week is a great starting point, it covers all the basics. My newest book Healthy Family Favourites is good for anyone who wants calorie-controlled recipes or more vegetarian choices.”

The Batch Lady Books

book-shop-once-eat-once-eat-well-all-week- book-meal-planner book-healthy-family-favourites


With The Batch Lady taking the world by storm we couldn’t help but ask if anything exciting was in the works, and we were not disappointed! “Watch this space there is so much more in the pipeline. This week I just launched The batch lady audio cook along book, 10 meals in 1 hr. There is so much more happening later in the year and next. I can’t say much but a small hint is… watch out in the supermarket freezer isles, you may just see me pop up at some point!”. How exciting is that?

Over the past 4 years, The Batch Lady has created a huge community of “batchers” with 41.6K followers on Instagram, 101K on Facebook and over 900K views on YouTube. Suzanne adores the community she has created. “The community is full of lovely people, with no judgement of how others live their life. Many people in the community are working parents who like me and my husband are trying to get everything done with the little time we have. It’s a fun community, with lots of laughs, bloopers and support.” Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a community like that?

The Batch Lady X Trolley Bags

Those who follow the Trolley Bags social accounts may have seen that we have an ongoing partnership with The Batch Lady. This in itself is super exciting as Suzanne is very particular about who she works with!  “I was so excited to join forces. I work with very few brands and only choose brands that I actually use a lot myself, and trolley bags is one. I’ve used them for years and think they are genius. Batch cooking is all about being organised and in control of your meals. It fits in perfectly with a bag system that helps you organise your food shop, it’s a perfect partnership.” She’s not wrong! Trolley Bags X The Batch Lady really has proven to be the perfect partnership. With the batching community welcoming the partnership and discovering their love for Trolley Bags too. “I’ve had so many great messages from people saying how much they like them and can’t believe how much time it saves them from having to pack and unpack. They have loved the 10% money off code and I’ve had some great photos being sent in of people using their newly purchased bags.”

That’s right, The Batch Lady can get you 10% of the Trolley Bags products, just use code: BATCHLADY10

“When I walk into Starbucks and I’ve remembered my own reusable mug, I feel in control, organised, efficient and planet-saving. Trolley bags make me feel the same way.” This is why the partnership works so well, Suzanne understands exactly what Trolley Bags is about. Helping you stay organised, with minimal effort. All whilst being sustainable. “I’m often stopped and asked where I got my bags from.” That’s where a touch of the #TrolleyBagSmugness comes in! Walking around the supermarket and catching people in awe of your super organised shopping bags!

The Trolley Bags sets are available in a range of colours. From the bright orange, green, red and blue of the Vibe colourway, to the muted tones of the Midi bags. We had to know which colourway was The Batch Lady’s favourite. “I love the muted tones of the Midi colourway, they are my kind of colours. Although now that I photograph and Instagram them a lot the bright colours look great on camera. One day when Batch lady Ltd is bigger, I would love to do a batch lady branded colourway!” Now wouldn’t that be amazing? Let us know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see!

The Batch Lady account promotes all of the Trolley Bags products but wanted to know Suzanne’s personal favourites and why. “I have to say, I still love the original. I’ve used them for so many years and they work so well. Although at 5’1, often I don’t use the largest bag. I’m a bit short to get it out of the trolley! I’m always promoting using lots of frozen veg such as ready diced onion and sliced peppers. They save so much time. It’s important not to let these defrost on the way home or they refreeze in one big lump. I never go shopping without one of the cool bags. The smaller Express Bags, are perfect for when I head to shops like Waitrose or M&S. These are great at saving my bank balance as I only buy enough to fill 2 of the small bags”. A classic Batch Lady tip there! Small shopping bags mean a smaller bill at checkout!

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to squeeze every tip and trick we could out of the Queen of organisation. So check out The Batch Lady’s top tips for utilising your Trolley Bags, and smashing your weekly food shop.

The Batch Lady X Trolley Bags Tips and Tricks

    • Keep them in your car so you always have them to hand,
    • Watch my Instagram reel if you forget how to roll them back up


  • If you have the Original or the Express you can remove the rods and wash them on a delicate wash. No need to worry about any spills.
  • For the maximum efficiency and time-saving, try to pair each colour bag with a certain cupboard as you go around the store. For example, blue for fridge, orange for dry good cupboard etc, it makes it quicker to unpack at the other end.
  • If you haven’t tried scan and go, I suggest you do, with the bags it’s a great time-saving combo, as you only pack once!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Suzanne, the amazing community she has created at The Batch Lady and the Trolley Bags products. Don’t forget to check out The Batch Lady and Trolley Bags social media!

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