Facts & Figures. Get to know Trolley Bags better by reading some interesting facts and statistics in our latest article.

The basics = end the use of single use plastic bags & make food shopping easier, simple!

For the last 7 years we have helped over 1.5 million people put a stop to their consumption of single-use carrier bags and replace them with one easy system.

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30+ million plastic bags are prevented from landfill when you switch to the Trolley Bag system

We’re on a mission to end the use of single-use plastic bags and while we’re at it also make food shopping easier and more enjoyable.

It is 40% faster using Trolley Bags at the checkout than normal reusable bags

The individually colour coded bags allow you to pack your items, the way you want, in up to half the time.

1000 single-use plastic bags can be replaced with just one Trolley Bag

Our innovative design for a new kind of reusable bag system eliminates the need for any single carrier bags plus speeds up the packing process.

80% of customers found shopping less stressful with Trolley Bags

On a recent survey we found out that 80% of people found food shopping less stressful now they use Trolley Bags. Over the years our product range has expanded to include bags to fit shallow trolleys, a collapsible box bag and cool bags too.

Either way, you are helping the environment or making your life easier by switching to a Trolley Bag system. Why not do both at the same time!? Packing, sorted!