Do you struggle with your weekly supermarket shop? I think we’ve all been there but you don’t have to anymore, we have got you covered! We’ve put a list of helpful tips to help you survive your shop.

Scan as you shop

Let’s get the most obvious one out the way! Scan as you shop (yes only available in some stores) however it’s a game changer when it comes to the checkout! Simply scan each item as you go then scan the QR code at the checkout. PS. if you’re using with the Trolley Bags system it’s even speedier!

Use your mobile!

Many stores are now utilising your most used personal item… your mobile phones. You don’t even need the mobile scanner as you can now use your phone to scan your shopping – talk about easy! Mobile barcode scanning is a great way to shop, also it saves you from using a dedicated barcode scanner, which some people are nervous about using.

Shopping Bags

Of course, Trolley Bags were going to feature on the list! A whopping 80% of people found food shopping less stressful now they use Trolley Bags, how great is that?! Trolley Bags can be used while you are using Scan as you Shop, just scan your items and pop them into the stacked bags in your trolley. Or you can hang the bags on your trolley until the checkout! In one simple action the system spreads out and rests on any trolley, giving you open and upright bags. The individually colour coded bags allow you to pack your items, the way you want, in up to half the time. After the checkout, simply detach the bags via the Velcro and place into your car boot, when you arrive home, there are only three or four bags to carry inside. Packing, sorted!

Shopping list

Still writing your shopping list down on paper. Why not try a shopping list app? We suggest the Listonic app, marketed as the highest rated smart grocery shopping list app! The app allows you to check off your items as you go, insert prices so you can set a budget and is compatible on smartwatches too!

Did you know… using a shopping checklist can help you resist impulse buys and tempting sales, and therefore spend less! Nearly 50% of us buy items on impulse, and over 70% of us will buy items just because they’re on sale.

We are all about making food shopping less stressful and reducing checkout pressure. Do you have any handy tips? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media @TrolleyBagsUK

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