Ever get to the shop and had to hunt for a shopping basket? And when you find one, they’re slimy from the sanitizer? What if there was a simple solution to these common issues?

Here at Trolley Bags we are all about finding the simple solution to make your shopping experience easier and less stressful. We believe this can truly make a difference to your supermarket visit and help with those small and irritating problems we may not believe are actually affecting us.

The shopping basket is one of those challenges which has an easy solution.

The Trolley Bags Xtra bag is the handiest bag for a quick shop. Flatpack to keep it in your car when needed and easily assemble when you head to the shops.

This reusable box bag holds it shape to protect fragile items, it’s so sturdy it can hold multiple bottles. It has even been stress tested to hold 15kg! The Xtra bag is that much stronger than most reusable bags, there is no need to worry about the bag ripping.

Plus, when you need to do a larger shop, the Xtra bag is a great ad on to the Original Trolley Bags. Simply hook on the inside or outside of your trolley and use as a bottle bag or for your more fragile items, such as bread and fruit.

The best thing about using your Xtra bag as a shopping basket is you have already brought your bag with you! No panic buying of plastic bags at the checkout. Simply repack your shopping into your Xtra Bag and then Velcro to your car boot to keep it secure.! That’s packing sorted!


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