Christmas Grocery shopping tips. One of the busiest times of the year, Christmas. A time everyone celebrates with their loved ones which usually involves a big Christmas dinner! It’s not surprising the supermarkets are super busy this time of year, with this in mind, we want to help you brave the shops with a few handy tips!

Always go with a list

Make sure you take a list with you, this will help to minimise overspending. Keep a list on your fridge so when you run out of something you can quickly write it down without forgetting.

Plan out your meals

Make sure you know what you are cooking throughout the week so you can easily write your grocery shopping list. You can even batch cook, check out The Batch Lady for more batch cooking tips!

Don’t go when you’re hungry

This is fundamental! When you are hungry you are more likely to pick up snacks along the way.

Set a budget

Set a budget for your shop, this is vital this time of year when most of our budgets are stretched!

Go during quiet times

If you want to skip the queues, find out when the quiet times are.

Use your Trolley Bags!

Of course we are going to mention Trolley Bags, BUT they do really help you! Christmas Grocery Shopping is the ideal time to use your Trolley Bags they are quick, convenient, AND eco-friendly!

Want to know how Trolley Bags work? Find out more here.

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