Heading out on a picnic this summer? STOP! We have the perfect guide to get you ready and prep for your picnic.

Read the guide below for tips on what you need to pack, the best food for a picnic and what to carry everything in!

Cool bag or basket?

Before you start, you need to know what you’re using to transport your picnic. While a picnic basket looks the part, it may not be the most practical option. A good-sized cool bag is the ultimate picnic companion, and you’ll find it is all you need! The Trolley Bags cool bags come in two sizes Original and Express. With an insulating foam lining, the Trolley Bags cool bag will ensure your picnic is kept chilled and ready to go! If you need extra room for your plates and cups the Trolley Bags Xtra Bag is perfect for any add on’s that don’t need to stay cool.

What you need to pack

Grab your Cool Bag and Xtra bag and pack away…

Picnic blanket – of course! Preferably the ones that have a waterproof underside to keep you dry if the ground is wet or damp.

Bottle opener – must have and it may be something you forget!

Rubbish bag – wherever you are picnicking it is important to take your litter away with you. If there are bins near you, great! However, at some sites bins may not be provided or are too full, in this case place your litter into your rubbish bag to sort out at home.

Cutting board and knife – make sure to do most of your food prep at home, but if you have food that needs to be cut or divided this is most definitely needed!

The obvious – plastic cups/glasses, plates, napkins, cutlery/utensils, paper towels/wipes. Remember to pack these carefully to avoid any breakages.

Coat – you never know when you could get caught in a rain shower!

The best picnic food – dress your picnic to impress!

The main event – planning a picnic feast? Why not try a sharing quiche, pie, or tart? These are fantastic for dividing up and make prep and planning so much easier! We love the recipes on BBC goodfood!

Portable snacks – finger food is the ultimate picnic snack! Anything from sausage rolls, scotch eggs, sandwiches to mini pies travel well on your journey to your picnic destination!

Sides and salads – potato salad, coleslaw, and pasta dishes are popular accompaniments for picnics, especially if you’ve got a big sharing quiche. Make sure you keep them in sealed containers to avoid any spillages!

Cake! – what more do we need to say!? Whether it’s a special occasion or not, cake is a well-loved treat after your meal. Even better if you have a thermos of Tea to go with it! We would suggest a classic Victoria sponge. Try this recipe.

Sweet treats / dessert / pudding – Whatever you call it! If you don’t have cake fans but want a sweet treat after your savory snacks why don’t you try traybakes!? There are tons to choose from including flapjack, brownies, shortbread plus many more! Other options to think about, cheesecake slices or Eton mess.

Fancy a tipple? The best picnic friendly drinks

Family friendly – want a tasty accompaniment with your picnic why not make a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade which we think are simply the best thirst-quenching drinks.

Boozy – fancy something a little stronger with your picnic? Summer cups such as Pimm’s are practically made for picnics, easy to prepare in a sealed pitcher, simply store next to ice packs to keep nice and cool! Not a fan of a summer cup? Try these instead: bottled drinks (remember your bottle opened!) mini wine bottles or canned cocktails and G&Ts!

For the kids – make sure to pack easy to access drinks such as no added sugar squash boxes and bottles of water.

Warm up – for those cooler days make sure you pack your thermos of tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate!

Weather – solutions for rainy days!

You may change your plans due to the weather forecast, but what happens if you’re caught in an unexpected downpour!? Use the weather checklist below!

Make sure you’ve packed your waterproofs.

Do you have a cover for your picnic? It may seem a bit excessive for some but bringing a pop-up gazebo could save the day and keep you nice and dry!

Waterproof sided picnic blanket as previously mentioned!

OR just have a cosy car picnic!


Whatever you end up doing, we hope you have the perfect summer (with a picnic preferably!) And make sure you don’t forget your Cool Bag and Xtra Bag!