British reusable shopping bag company rebrand and launch new product Trolley Bags Midi after a surge in consumers usage during the pandemic.

2020 has seen consumer shopping habits change dramatically due to Coronavirus, meaning Trolley Bags have never been more useful. Shoppers are wanting less contact in stores so are turning to the reusable shopping bag system as another way to keep them safe in-store. Plus, the use of Scan as You Shop services in stores are on the rise, allowing shoppers to avoid even less contact.

Trolley Bags have been the go-to product for consumers using this service, a simple process of racking the bags in the trolley before you start your shop and scan your items straight into the bags.

Well-loved British reusable shopping bag company Trolley Bags has had a complete rebrand to take it into 2020 in style. Moving away from its traditional and dated colour scheme to light, bright and a more on-trend brand theme to stay on trend this decade. A new logo, website, and to add to the excitement, an entirely new product range, Style Series, has been launched at the same time!

Style Series introduces the all-new Trolley Bags Midi. Adding to the Original four bag set for the large trolley, and the Express four bag set for the shallow trolley. Now we welcome a set of three bags to fit the large trolley for those shoppers who aren’t buying for a large family.

This is the first product of Trolley Bags to be full non-woven too, rather than have a half-mesh bottom, which adds extra strength.

Plus, they’ve introduced this product in a muted colour palette to attract a different audience and be more on-trend with current styles.

Trolley Bags are on a mission to end the use of single-use plastic bags and at the same time make food shopping easier and more enjoyable. The innovative design for a new kind of reusable bag system eliminates the need for any single carrier bags plus, speeds up the packing process. For the last 7 years, Trolley Bags have helped over 1.5 million people put a stop to their consumption of single-use carrier bags and replace them with one easy system. And, on a recent survey, we found out that 80% of people found food shopping less stressful now they use Trolley Bags.