Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Trolley Bags below. If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered, please let us know!

What are Trolley Bags?2020-10-29T15:10:11+00:00

Trolley Bags are a system of reusable bags designed to fit inside of your supermarket trolley and make packing your shopping easier.

How do they work?2020-10-29T15:11:31+00:00

Trolley Bags hang inside your trolley thanks to the novel design which incorporates rods that sit on the sides of the trolley. The bags hang open, allowing you to pack with both hands, speeding up packing and removing the annoyance of having to hold plastic bags open!

Is there a cool bag?2020-10-29T15:12:14+00:00

Yes! We’ve even got a cool bag available for each size of Trolley Bags!

How much weight can each bag carry?2020-10-29T15:13:08+00:00

We’ve tested our bags rigorously with over 15kg of shopping in them at any time.

Can I wash my bags?2020-10-29T15:14:16+00:00

Yes. Simply remove the rods from using the open end on each bag and pop them in the washing machine on a cold wash and air dry. Do not tumble dry.

How do I roll my bags back up?2020-10-29T15:16:41+00:00

Easy! Simply reattach them using the velcro strips and roll them up from the bottom and use the velcro strap to secure. Here’s a handy video to help.

Do the bags separate from each other?2020-10-29T15:17:31+00:00

Of course! They are held together with a strip of velcro, so you can simply pull them apart!


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