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Trolley Bags are a system of shopping bags that help you pack your shopping in up to half the time!

They're also perfect for use with scan-as-you-shop so you pack and organise as you shop!

  • Save time at the checkouts
    Trolley Bags hold themselves open in your trolley, freeing up both hands for speedy packing.

  • Trolley Bags adapt to you
    There’s a set of Trolley Bags to fit any size trolley, no matter the size of your shop, we’ve got you covered!

  • More convenient than dozens of plastic bags
    No more forgetting your shopping bags – Trolley Bags roll up ready to be put in the car boot for your next trip to the supermarket.

  • Better for the environment
    Each set of Trolley Bags removes thousands of single use plastic bags from the environment every year.