We hear you; we know you’re asking yourself, why do I need Trolley Bags? So, it’s time for us to tell you exactly why you should join the Trolley Bags revolution.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons why all customers should be shopping with our ingenious product!

  1. Four bags neatly rolled into a travel-friendly roll to take into the store!
  1. A flexible option for different sized shops – take just one or two for smaller shops and all four when you’re going to fill a whole trolley! 
  1. Be a trendsetter in your local store. Shopping with Trolley Bags makes our customers the envy amongst the supermarket aisles.
  1. Makes shopping faster – especially when combined with the scan as you shop! Proven to save up to 40% of the time spent packing at the checkout.
  1. A calm packing experience – even with that speedy cashier!
  1. Organise and pack your food shopping, according to your requirements – A different coloured bag for each food group – frozen, meat, vegetables and groceries!
  1. No more worries of splitting carrier bags – tested to hold 15kg each, they’re strong and durable.
  1. Super practical – just 4 bags to carry into the house, rather than countless carrier bags… and without the ‘plastic bag finger squeeze’ issue.
  1. Helps organise you and your shopping as you go – so it’s even easier to unpack into cupboards in the kitchen.
  1. The real meaning of ‘bag for life’ – washable, durable and multifunctional!

Trolley Bags are so simple, and that’s what makes them brilliant! Make shopping quicker and easier with Trolley Bags.

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